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Hi, I'm Kelley Graham. Are you satisfied with your Tai Chi practice? Our training methods are very difficult, but produce great results.

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Benefits of Tai Chi Based Movement

Tai Chi appears to be associated with improvements in psychological well-being including reduced stress, anxiety, depression and mood disturbance, and increased self-esteem."
- BMC Complementary & Alternative Medicine (2010) Results of meta-analysis of forty studies concerning Tai Chi and psychological well-being.

What People Are Saying

Tony Diaz

Antonio Diaz

Before I met Sifu Kelley, I had been involved with martial arts for over 30 years. I have studied different styles of Kung Fu, most of my years in Wing Chung. Studying with Sifu Kelley has helped me understand more about true martial arts. He takes his training seriously and constantly maintains an atmosphere of lighthearted discipline. Sifu Kelley's knowledge of Chinese Internal Martial Arts has helped me to grow... I enjoy training with him and always look forward to his classes."
Rob P

Rob Ploger

I have studied internal martial arts for most of my adult life and was very happy to discover Sifu Kelley's school.  There are two qualities I like to see in a teacher, a deep knowledge of the art and a generous heart and Sifu Kelley has both.  I highly recommend him to anyone who is truly interested in health and cultivating deep internal martial arts skill."

New students should call (520) 770-1200 for an intake interview.
Located at the Urban Retreat Center 2028 East 14th Street, Tucson Arizona, 85719.

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